Israeli scientists perform mock Martian missions in desert

Israeli scientists perform mock Martian missions in desert

Israeli scientists perform mock Martian missions in desert

Six Israeli scientists have experienced what it is like to live on Mars without leaving Earth.

Israeli scientists have concluded four-day mock Mars mission to prepare for living under the harsh conditions on the Red Planet.

The mission was conducted in a D-MARS (Desert Mars Analog Ramon Station) facility near the isolated Mitzpe Ramon, where the surroundings resemble the environment in Mars in terms of appearance, geology, aridity, and desolation. During the project, the researchers consumed food from capsules, lived in confined pods and had to wear spacesuits while conducting outdoor experiments. They also searched for signs of life in soil.

The "D-Mars" project was being held in Israel for the first time in cooperation with the Israel Space Agency.

According to the D-MARS website, the main goal of the project was "to promote space-related science and technology in Israel through the creation of analog infrastructure for academic research and technological development".

Participant Guy Ron, a nuclear physics professor from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, said the project was not only meant to look for new approaches in designing a future mission to the Red Planet but to increase public interest.

Organizers of the D-Mars project hope that the mission in the Negev desert would place Israel in the forefronts of human space exploration. The project is one of numerous Mars simulation projects now taking place worldwide.

The Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation (HI-SEAS) project, which aims to determine how humans will be able to endure the isolation of a Mars mission, includes participants from Korea, Australia, Slovakia, and Scotland.

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