Register Republican if you want your vote to count

Philip Spagnuolo

Philip Spagnuolo

(Midterm election years usually see depressed voter turnout.) The state hasn't tracked early voting in smaller, more rural counties, where Republicans likely have a much larger advantage.

And despite a recent email from Gov. Greg Abbott's campaign, warning Republican voters that early voting numbers should shock conservatives "to the core", his seat, along with most other statewide elective races, appears to be safe in Republican hands.

Smith is retiring this session after a 32-year run, leaving a sea of Republicans and four Democrats to fight for his spot. Republicans still hold a huge advantage in those counties, more than doubling the number of Democratic ballots cast in the first week of early voting this year.

That's up from the almost 290,000 Texans who voted early at the same point in the election four years ago. Fifty-four percent of the 51,249 votes cast on Tuesday were in the Democratic primary, according to the Texas Tribune. As indicated in the report, The millennial generation: A demographic bridge to America's diverse future, almost half of post-millennials are part of racial minority groups that have favored Democratic candidates in the last three presidential elections (see Figure 2). He will run in District 6 against incumbent Democrat Mary Wells, an octogenarian. He's the only Democrat seeking the office.

It's not quite that dramatic, but in a Republican-majority state, like Texas, such voter surge is significant.

"If you're in Highland Park, (Republicans) don't really care about the agriculture commissioner race", in the primary said state Rep. And in California specifically, the Top Two problem for Democrats seems limited to two House districts, and in those it's totally unclear whether the problem will actually arise.

Democrats have long eyed Texas as a major prize, buoyed by changing demographics.

Democrats are banking on President Donald Trump's unpopularity to push people to the polls. From a Republican standpoint, Larry Kilgore and Barbara Kruger will aim to take the party's nomination. Yet, among minorities of these young people, favorable views of the Democratic Party are much higher: 84 percent for blacks, 76 percent for Asians and 64 percent for Hispanics.

The depressed electoral participation has been attributed to a host of reasons in the past, from acts of voter suppression to unmotivated voters.

Republican incumbent Martha E. Hughes is contested by Duke Furr in the primary's at-large race. Pittenger won the 2016 primary over Harris by only 134 votes.

Let's hope this portends a new era of voter engagement in our region, state and nation. But a breakdown of the population by age shows a third of Texas Hispanics aren't even of voting age.

Mid-term elections do not typically generate the type of voter excitement or participation as presidential elections. "They are helping me to Make America Great Again!"

Currituck County will have a three-way race for the Board of Commissioners for the seat representing Moyock, as incumbent Marion Gilbert and former commissioner J. Owen Etheridge both filed on the last day in District 5.

The enthusiasm for the primaries is proving to be some encouragement.

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