Apple Maps just added bike-sharing data for 175 cities

Apple Maps now includes bike sharing data for more than 175 cities

Apple Maps now includes bike sharing data for more than 175 cities

The update comes after the Cupertino giant struck a deal with Ito World, a transport information company. Apple Maps will be able to show you where bike-sharing docks are located but will not provide other information such as how many bikes are available or how many docks are now empty as well as can't provide you with information on dockless bike-sharing services.

Apple has signed a partnership with Ito World to add bike-sharing data in Apple Maps in over 175 cities across 36 countries.

While this is certainly not new to Apple Maps, the update is seen as a big improvement over existing data. You can start searching for bike-sharing services on Apple Maps right now.

Ito World's bike share data feed shows the locations of bikes and docking stations for 179 cities (and counting) including 176 bike share systems for a total of more than 12,810 points of interest. Typing "Bike sharing" into Apple Maps' search bar will find the stations of the local service, so you'll know where to pick up and drop off a bike.

Apple Maps now supports a wide range of services in many cities.

The maps app lists Citi Bike in NYC, Divvy in Chicago, Biketown in Portland, BIXI in Montreal, and Velib in Paris.

The iOS app can now provide the location of the nearest bike-sharing service in the user's city. So patrons of such type of service still need to use other apps, like Mobike, Ofo or oBike.

The addition of bicycle sharing helps Apple Maps move ever closer in the race to catch up to Google Maps.

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