College Student Receives "Special" Probation For Poisoning Roommate

Rowe said that she did not oppose Brochu's request for accelerated rehabilitation. She is seen above leading the courtroom

Rowe said that she did not oppose Brochu's request for accelerated rehabilitation. She is seen above leading the courtroom

Her roommate, Chennel "Jazzy" Rowe, developed a throat infection as a result.

Finally did it yo girl got rid of her roommate!

The NAACP and others have publicly supported Rowe and had urged Hartford prosecutors to file a hate crime charge against Brochu. This week, that request was granted.

Brochu has to perform 200 hours of community service.

Brochu, 18, was arrested in October for misdemeanor criminal mischief and breach of the peace after being expelled from The University of Hartford in CT over her abusive treatment of her roommate, whom she dubbed a 'Jamaican Barbie'.

In addition to her community service hours, Brochu is also forbidden from having contact with Rowe and will have to submit to a mental health evaluation.

According to the Hartford Courant, Brochu was given a special form of probation during her hearing in Hartford's Superior Court on Monday that could allow her to avoid a criminal record. He said Rowe triggered Brochu's response by posting an "unflattering" Snapchat video of her snoring.

The NAACP has a different opinion on the matter and says Brochu should be charged with a hate crime as Brochu tampered with Rowe's hygiene products and smeared her used tampons on her backpack.

Police said the former University of Hartford student wrote on Instagram in October about rubbing used tampons on her roommate's backpack and putting her roommate's toothbrush "where the sun doesn't shine".

Stevens said Brochu is angry with herself for letting communication with Rowe break down and for reacting in anger to a perceived slight.

Rowe stated in court that she was traumatized by Brochu's harassment and called it "acts of hate".

"With the consequences she has endured ... death threats ... she knows she made a mistake", Steven said. Investigators found none, she said. Both women had asked school officials for a change in roommates.

'There was a tipping point that caused my clients to do whatever she did and it was when Ms. Rowe took some unflattering videotape of her and posted it'.

"By giving her this second chance, I hope she will change her ways and find love for all mankind", Rowe said.

Although Williams found that Brochu was deserving the second chance offered by accelerated rehabilitation, he expressed astonishment at the pettiness of the disagreements that started the feud, such as the dorm room temperature. "There's a system for white people and there's a system for black people", he said.

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