Driver Flees Car Crash Despite Sledgehammer Being Swung At Him

Hit-and-run driver tried to get away — then a man took out a sledge hammer, video shows | Miami Herald

Hit-and-run driver tried to get away — then a man took out a sledge hammer, video shows | Miami Herald

With another vehicle blocking his path, more people gather around the busted-up SUV.

Suddenly, the man behind the wheel starts to reverse the auto, causing a few people who had gotten out of their cars to crowd around the vehicle to try and stop it from leaving.

Several people gathered around to block the auto from escaping.

It's there that the vehicle comes to a stop again when another SUV blocks the lane.

It was at that point that people gathered around again, with some trying to pry open the auto doors, with one man screaming "Don't move", while others snapped pictures of the Infiniti's license plate.

In a video from the second crash scene, a man could be seen swinging a hammer at the windows of Lagutenko's SUV, breaking some of the glass.

Police said Lagutenko continued driving north in the southbound lanes, crossed the intersection of Biscayne Boulevard and Northeast 36th Street and crashed his SUV into two other vehicles.

Not long after, a police officer tried to pull the auto over because the driver was driving recklessly and he or she noticed the damage.

"I'll call the cops and I'll try to chase him down", Jimenez said.

Maxwell Lagutenko, 25, was later arrested.

Lagutenko managed to leave the scene but was later stopped by police and taken into custody.

He was ordered held on $6,000 during a court appearance on Monday when he appeared shaky.

According to police, no one was injured.

On Sunday, a whole bunch of South Floridians were dead set on stopping a hit-and-run driver high on narcotics on Sunday...and it included a dude just bashing away at the fleeing vehicle with his handy sledgehammer.

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