Fitbit unveils Apple Watch competitor and fitness tracker for kids

Fitbit Versa brings female health tracking and a much-improved design

Fitbit Versa brings female health tracking and a much-improved design

The Fitbit Versa is the fitness tracking brand's most recent attempt at a "smartwatch for all", with a modern design and affordable price tag, as well as a few new software tricks created to tempt users away from the Apple Watch. Parents can use the Fitbit app to track their kids' activity levels and hours slept, and approve the contacts kids can add to share their activities and reward badges with.

But it will take more than a rose gold redesign to convince women to splurge on a smartwatch.

The company also spoke a little more about the Fitbit Ionic: adidas edition. Some may say it's a less masculine design, although Fitbit was keen to point out that it's a unisex design. There are also two special edition models in graphite, with a charcoal grey band, and rose gold, with a lavender woven band. This special version of the Ionic will feature six additional on-screen workouts, and come in a silver-gray aluminum case with a two-tone blue-and-gray sport band.

For instance, it could recommend more sleep in the coming week because a bad period is on the way, or suggest easier ways to exercise if you're feeling too exhausted. It also looks like a slimmed-down Apple Watch, which most people will like. First, there's the Fitbit Versa, a $199 smartwatch that can do nearly everything that the Ionic, Fitbit's $299 smartwatch that was released this past October, can do. There's also the option of a $229.95 Versa "Special Edition" in the US which includes NFC and supports Fitbit Pay. Quick-release straps are available for the Versa in a wide range of materials including metal, silicone, leather and canvas.

There's really nothing here users won't get from your standard tracking apps, of course, but Fitbit's hope is that incorporating it into the sleep and health data the company is already tracking could unlock some insight for women about how their menstrual cycle impacts their overall health. It will automatically track steps, sleep, and general activity.

You can set move reminders to tell you to get up from your desk and do something, so that you're not just a sedentary zombie during the day. The new Versa offers 24/7 heart rate tracking and offers onscreen workouts. These are much more engaging than other sportswatch rivals and it's great to see them retained on the Versa. It includes the PurePulse heart rate monitor on the back, alongside a Relative SpO2 sensor - which up until now has been pretty redundant.

It's not a new concept, but having this easily available in the Fitbit app may help you understand fluctuations in your health and exercise regime better. It was designed specifically for runners who want a built-in Global Positioning System option. You can also transfer your own music to the Versa much like the Ionic. Like the Ionic, it's platform agnostic. There will also be groups in Fitbit's Community service for women to connect over.

We'll put the battery through its paces when we get the Versa on our wrists for the full review.

The Versa is available for pre-order now on Fitbit's website right for £199.99 and will start shipping in April.

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