Is Taylor Swift's BF Joe Alwyn in the 'Delicate' Music Video?

Kenzo on Taylor Swift's controversial video: 'It's hard to stay fresh'

Kenzo on Taylor Swift's controversial video: 'It's hard to stay fresh'

Check the music video if you haven't seen it yet. Yet, there's no mention of inspiration and too many coincidences to pass off-except for the minor yet important fact that Swift dances barefoot while Qualley does the whole thing in heels.

The video stars Taylor as she makes her way down a red carpet surrounded by bodyguards, unable to make a move without anyone following her. Or does it? Swift explores this possibility in the playful and charming new video for "Delicate", which debuted at the 2018 iHeartRadio Music Awards on March 11.

This isn't actually the first time that the singer has had someone from the adult industry in one of her videos.

Set mostly in Los Angeles' Millennium Biltmore Hotel - built in 1923, it was the early home to the Oscars ceremony - the video also sees Taylor run through Metro Center, which is Los Angeles' downtown hub, and of course the Golden Gopher where she is finally seen again. As the video progresses, viewers can see the singer being constricted by her fame, constantly being guarded by security guards and attacked by insane fans.

It's no secret that artists use past productions for inspiration or even replicating, so Swift and her crew could have just been inspired by Jonze's production. However, her director, Jason Kahn, had been generous enough to provide an insight into the project in an interview with E! However, it's the accusations that the video is a replica of Kenzo's 2016 fragrance ad, directed by Spike Jonze, that has it circulating the internet at top speed.

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