Leggings in and pork pies out of latest inflation basket

Matthew Kane  Unsplash

Matthew Kane Unsplash

The contents of the basket are updated annually to reflect United Kingdom consumer behaviour and showing the changing tastes and habits, with other items added to the 2018 basket including body moisturising lotion and high chairs.

Quiches, women's exercise leggings and GoPro cameras have been added to the UK's representative inflation basket by the Office for National Statistics, while individual pork pies, nightclub lager and leg waxing sessions have been dropped.

The price movements of 700 goods and services are measured in 20,000 United Kingdom outlets to calculate inflation, which now stands at 2.7 per cent. This year 15 items have been added, 14 removed and seven modified in a basket of 714 products in a series of changes that depict a nation that increasingly seeks convenience and leisure.

Some items are replaced with updated versions, so mash returns - although now it is chilled rather than dried - and a sit-upon wheeled toy replaces the traditional tricycle.

ONS updates its basket annually to measure how the prices of goods are changing in the United Kingdom, however it's also incredibly reflective of consumer trends - so we can hazard a few guesses about what's popular and what's not.

"Every year we add new items to the basket to ensure that it reflects modern spending habits", said ONS senior statistician Philip Gooding.

Digital camcorders and TV receivers have left the list as consumers use smart phones instead, with products by Apple, Google and Amazon now included in the list.

"While we add and remove a number of items each year, the overall change is actually quite small".

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