Manila official defends 'Red tag' on United Nations rapporteur



According to the Philippine Star, Duterte said the United Nations human rights team should be fed to the crocodiles.

"It makes one believe that the president needs to submit himself to some sort of psychiatric examination".

Sison called on the broad united front of patriotic forces and the broad masses of the people to "wage all forms of struggle to accelerate the downfall of the Duterte regime which acts as a puppet of USA imperialism under Operation Pacific Eagle-Philippines but which also double-deals with China for corrupt reasons related to overpriced infrastructure projects and high interest loans".

"If you answer their questions, it will be freewheeling, it is recorded", he continued.

Defending the Filipino leader, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said anyone without bias can see that President Duterte has made "positive efforts since assuming office to combat drug-related crimes as well as terrorism, develop the national economy, and improve people's livelihood, which have effectively protected and promoted the Philippine people's fundamental rights to security and development". "I take full responsibility", Mr Duterte said.

President Rodrigo Duterte said after winning office in mid-2016 that he aimed to forge a peace deal with the NPA, with some of whose leaders he has long-standing personal ties.

Critics said Duterte in his public pronouncements ordered or encouraged policemen to kill those involved in drug trafficking, resulting in thousands of alleged extrajudicial killings.

"Even the U.S. intelligence agencies now regard Duterte as a threat to democracy and human rights, despite his duplicitous and despicable efforts to keep the overall USA hegemony in the Philippines and serve additional foreign masters".

More Than 50 Years of ConflictPresident Rodrigo Duterte seems to be following through on his promise to destroy the Communist Party of the Philippines and the New People's Army, both of which he asked a Manila court to declare as terrorist groups last month.

"It (Zeid's remark) did not come at an appropriate time", he said.

Tauli-Corpuz, appointed in 2014 as United Nations special rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples, was listed in the petition as a senior member of the Maoist rebel group.

"An immediate look at his list of "terrorists" will show that he is running amok in slandering people as 'terrorists.' There are also hundreds of John Does in the list just to intimidate a limitless number of people", he said in a statement.

Manila hit back at Zeid's comments on Saturday, noting that Tauli-Corpuz was included on the list not because of her position as Special Rapporteur but because of her alleged links with the Ilocos-Cordillera Regional Committee (ICRC) of the CPP-NPA.

That proposal was in turn dismissed as "disrespectful" and "irresponsible" by Philippine Foreign Minister Alan Peter Cayetano, who accused al-Hussein of overstepping his mandate and of insulting the Philippines.

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