Mayor Emanuel, Supt. Johnson urge governor to sign gun bill

Daniel Biss meets with the Shaw Media editorial board at the Northwest Herald on Friday

Daniel Biss meets with the Shaw Media editorial board at the Northwest Herald on Friday

Chicago does not have any gun shops, however city leaders are pushing the legislation because they say so many guns used in Chicago crimes are traced back to suburban dealers. "It's crushing to our small business owners, and creates bureaucracy that really doesn't help keep our communities safer", he told WJPF News Radio in southern IL.

The legislation, which passed the General Assembly last month, would require all gun dealers in IL to obtain licenses from the state. It would have required gun dealers in IL to obtain a license through the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, to renew those licenses every five years and to train their employees to conduct background checks and spot potential straw purchasers.

While the legislation had bipartisan support in the House and Senate, it did not pass with enough votes to override a veto.

The bill has the backing of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson.

The governor said during a radio interview the bill was "just not right".

"The governor's decision was cruel, it was cold and it was calculated to benefit his own politics at the expense of public safety".

The gun dealer licensing bill was the first piece of legislation sent to the governor in response to the deadly school shooting last month in Florida.

The legislature is considering several other gun control measures, including bills to raise the minimum age at which someone could purchase an assault-style weapon, a ban on bump stocks and a 72-hour waiting period for assault weapon purchases.

"We need to support the Second Amendment, and respect our Constitution, but we can also be thoughtful about ways that we can improve safety in our schools, and keep our citizens safe; for example by being much tougher on repeat gun offenders, repeat felons", he said Tuesday.

The sponsor, Addison Democratic Rep. Kathleen Willis, has said that state oversight would identify and eliminate the practice of straw purchasers buying guns legally and then selling them to criminals.

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