Misdiagnosis in England Hospital Leads to Multiple Amputations

Magdalena Malec at her home in Dunstable

Magdalena Malec at her home in Dunstable

That could have been avoided if medical staff had recognized the warning signs for sepsis and followed correct procedures, Malec said, per the South West News Service.

Magdalena Malec, 31, was forced to wait six months before having both her legs, her right arm and the fingers of her left hand all amputated as a result of the illness, SWNS reports.

She had her limbs amputated six months later and had to return to the hospital for dialysis three times a week.

Malec has filed a lawsuit against the hospital, which is still pending.

She also needed a kidney transplant.

During this time, her relationship with Robert also broke down due to the pressures of her disabilities.

"I have been left on my own, starting with re-learning how to walk, comb my hair, eat, and brush my teeth", she said.

Thomas, Malec's attorney, said in a statement that the problems could have been prevented. "From the very beginning, everything was a big challenge for me".

"My life is continual hospital appointments and each hospital appointment brings sad memories".

The woman told the reporters that she's now learning how to cope with her pain and how to do things around the house with her prosthetics. "Going out and coping with the way people look at me is very hard, and so is self-acceptance", she said.

The NHS has apologised unreservedly for missing all of the classic signs of sepsis that Magdalena was experiencing, and accepts her outcome could have been avoided.

Common symptoms include persistently high temperatures, rash and itchiness in the legs, blue and mottled limbs and inability to urinate.

Sepsis is a potentially life-threatening condition in which the immune system's response to infection causes harm to the body's own tissues and can ultimately lead to organ failure and, in some cases, death, according to the Mayo Clinic.

A Luton and Dunstable University Hospital spokesman said Monday that the hospital extends its "sincere apologies" to Malec and acknowledges that "the care provided to her in 2014 fell below the standards that we strive for".

Magdalena is now taking legal action against the hospital and has received an interim payment to help alleviate her financial hardship - she is expected to receive a further payment in due course.

It was supposed to be a joyous and memorable time: Magdalena Malec was pregnant with her third child, and her other two were no doubt counting down the days until Christmas.

Her lawyer, David Thomas, said the "catastrophic chain of events which led to Malec's near death and horrendous injuries were completely avoidable if the hospital trust had followed its own sepsis protocol", Fox News reported.

"There were a number of missed opportunities or "red flags" which were not acted upon until it was too late", he added.

"The Trust wishes to convey its honest apologies to Ms Malec and recognizes that the care provided to her in 2014 fell below the standards that we strive for..."

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