Rose McGowan Drug Charge Link to Harvey Weinstein Raised by Lawyer

Rose Mc Gowan participates in the

Rose Mc Gowan participates in the"Citizen Rose panel

Rose McGowan's attempt to get her cocaine case dropped was unsuccessful.

The criminal case stems from an incident in January 2017, when a cleaning crew at Dulles International Airport found McGowan's wallet on a plane next to a seat she'd occupied for a flight.

She was subsequently arraigned for felony possession of a controlled substance in November.

Rose McGowan's lawyers argued that the Harvey Weinstein could have had the cocaine planted to discredit her.

At a hearing Monday in Leesburg, Virginia, on McGowan's motion to dismiss, Chief General District Court Judge Deborah Welsh said the issues could be addressed at a March 21 hearing when live testimony could be presented.

In court papers filed last month, her lawyer Jessica Carmichael claimed Weinstein, who has strenuously denied McGowan's accusations of rape, could have targeted her, writing, "It is now public knowledge that Weinstein employed underhanded tactics to "silence" his victims".

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