Russia Starts Implementing Contract on Su-35 Fighters Delivery to Indonesia

Russia to open service center for maintenance of air defence systems in Iran

Russia to open service center for maintenance of air defence systems in Iran

Russia will speed up the delivery of its S-400 air defense systems to Turkey at the latter's request, says Russian presidential aide Vladimir Kozhin.

Iran first signed an order contract with Russian Federation for the purchase of a number of S-300PMU-2 air defense systems in 2007 which after nearly an entire decade of bureaucracy were finally delivered.

"As far as Turkey is concerned, we value the Turkish authorities' position, as they have said many times that protecting national interests is their top priority", the Russian presidential aide pointed out when speaking about North Atlantic Treaty Organisation exerting pressure on Ankara to make it abandon the idea of purchasing weapons from Moscow.

Kozhin also said that Russian Federation has had requests from Greece and the Greek Cypriot administration on new arms supplies, but he added it is too early to give any details.

This missile system is able to detect targets at a distance of 600 kilometres and shoot down targets such as stealth aircraft and ballistic missiles. The S-400 system, which was introduced in 2007, is the new generation of Russian missile systems, and so far Russia has only sold them to China and India.

The S-400 system is composed of at least one mobile operation command center and 8 launcher and 32 missiles.

"The principle of sovereignty obviously exists in acquisition of defence equipment, but the same way that nations are sovereign in making their decision, they are also sovereign in facing the consequences of that decision", Pavel told reporters in Washington, DC on October 25.

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