The Flash Producer: Fans Haven't Guessed Mystery Girl's Identity Yet

Candice Patton The Flash

Candice Patton The Flash

The Mystery Girl's identity on The Flash season 4 remains one of the show's greatest mysteries - we've see the character (played by Jessica Parker Kennedy) on a few occasions, but to date the only things that we know for sure is that she has some connection to Barry and Iris, she understands some of the same odd symbols we saw from Barry at the start of the season, and it seems like she's intentionally trying to meet certain characters at specific time.

Recently, during a press screening of "Run, Iris Run", Executive Producer Todd Helbing addressed fan theories revolving around the character's true identity on the show. The character shared an unusual amount of enthusiasm when meeting the couple but never gave her name. Helbing doubts that "anybody ever is going to guess exactly what it is". She said that his wedding would be "one for the ages".

The mystery waitress's identity in The Flash is still a mystery for the fans.

"Every year, there are theories all over the place about what we're doing".

Now that Iris possesses the power of her husband, she is automatically bestowed the responsibility to defend Central City against anyone who wishes to destroy it. Fans have also wondered if she could be the new female speedster that's been training with Jay Garrick to be the new Flash of Earth-3.

One of the wildly popular theories suggests that Kennedy's character is Iris and Barry's future daughter and speedster Dawn Allen. A version of her costume will be worn by Iris when she gains Barry's speed in this week's episode. Are viewers in for another appearance from the Mystery Girl? On the other hand, Barry, who is no longer a metahuman, will now do the task that his wife usually performs in Team Flash. All that's left for her to meet is Joe (Jesse L. Martin).

The Flash airs on Tuesday at 8:00 p.m. ET on The CW.

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