The NCAA Isn't Letting Teddy Valentine Officiate The Tournament

NCAA Tournament 2018 Referee Ted Valentine not assigned says payback for Joel Berry incident

NCAA Tournament 2018 Referee Ted Valentine not assigned says payback for Joel Berry incident

Ted Valentine is not taking his punishment well.

Teddy Valentine, arguably the most-prominent referee in college basketball, will not be doing the NCAA Tournament this year.

The incident with Berry took place in a January 3 game between North Carolina and Florida State. The Tar Heels guard then began to talk to Valentine about the no-call, which prompted Valentine to cross his arms and turn his back to Berry. The hold resulted in a pass sailing over Berry's head and out of bounds, at which time Berry grabbed the ball and approached Valentine asking for an explanation. Valentine ended up getting taken off games from the Big Ten.

Valentine - who was suspended by the Big Ten for two games and considered retirement as a result of the incident - apologized to Berry and Roy Williams a couple weeks later when he worked their game vs.

Valentine told ESPN on Monday that he wouldn't get an opening weekend assignment to the NCAA tournament, and he wasn't happy about it. "It hit me like a ton of bricks". Maybe, maybe not, but that's beside the point.

"I asked him why?"

Valentine said he was told of the decision Saturday by NCAA coordinator of officials J.D. Collins.

Apologizing and joking around with Berry is not fixing the situation. It was the right thing to do but did not fix it. His conduct with Berry was unbecoming, but shelving him during the NCAA tournament seems like a huge reaction.

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