What Gas Mileage Does the 2018 Honda Accord Hybrid Get?

2018 Honda Accord Hybrid economy is unexpectedly mixed

2018 Honda Accord Hybrid economy is unexpectedly mixed

While the 2018 Accord Hybrid's fuel figures surpasses most of the competition, it falls short of the segment's best-selling Toyota Camry Hybrid.

Despite Honda putting together a formidable package in the 2018 Accord, dealers across the United States are having trouble selling the vehicle, and not just because of the struggling midsize saloon segment. The feds estimate an annual fuel cost of $800 based on 15,000 miles of majority-city driving, and it believes owners will save about $3,000 in fuel costs over five years compared with the average new vehicle.

It's been reported that some Honda dealers are even turning down shipments from the Marysville plant, simply because once the 2018 Accord reaches a dealer's lot, it's being forced to just sit there. A Camry, on the other hand, could be had for only $219 a month with $1,999 down.

Case continued that Accord sales are only at about half where they should be and that Honda is hoping that the Accord's accolades will help sell the midsize sedan, instead of traditional incentives. At the same time, Case's dealerships haven't been the only ones passing up on bringing in more Accords.

"I will take what we need for the spring". "If they start piling up, I certainly will shut them off".

Even with the growing inventory numbers, Honda hasn't made a fast fix to the Accord's lease rates, but does say that it's listening to dealer concerns. Last-generation Accords were also less expensive, meaning it costs more to lease a new Accord than it did back in 2015. Lighter than its predecessor, the 2018 Accord Hybrid comes as standard with a continously variable transmission. I don't think so.

"We continue to work collaboratively with our dealer partners and appreciate our ongoing dialogue with them to ensure the overall value proposition with each of our products is competitive in the marketplace". "If given the choice between better product and better incentives, I'll take better product all day long".

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