China has arrived before time: Rawat calls for military modernisation

Annual exercise between Indian Chinese armies to resume Army Chief

Annual exercise between Indian Chinese armies to resume Army Chief

Army chief General Bipin Rawat said on Tuesday that China has arrived on the world stage and was challenging the dominance of United States of America over the world order. "They ensured that while their economy was developing the military power must rise simultaneously and that is why they are strong today in the worldwide world order challenging the might of the United States of America, which was until now the sole security provider", he said. The Army chief pointed that China ensured the rise of its military power along with its economic prowess. "I want to dispel that myth", General Rawat was quoted as saying by ANI.

Last week, China unveiled its largest defence spending increase in three years, setting an 8.1 per cent growth target this year, fuelling an ambitious military modernisation programme and making its neighbours nervous. After that focus of worldwide community shifted towards Indo-Pacific region. "It is all because of China's assertiveness", Gen Rawat said.

The Army chief sought to dispel myths surrounding defence expenditure, insisting that nearly 35 percent of the defence budget goes in the nation-building process. This is the second myth I wish to dispel.

Commenting on the defence budget, Rawat said that the belief that defence expenditure is a burden on the state is a "myth" and added that a rising economy has to ensure the security to the establishment within the country. He said, "As China has risen, countries have started looking up to India to see whether we can also become a nation that can balance the rise of China".

"We can not become the net security provider if the economy does not keep pace with the changes", Rawat said.

"The hand-in-hand exercise with China happens every year". Last year, it was shelved.

He said the military diplomacy with China worked and the border personnel meetings that had stopped post Doklam stand-off have begun again.

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