Jake Paul & Erika Costell Visit Parkland & Interview Students In New Videos

YouTube Star Jake Paul Talks To Marco Rubio Pledges $25,000 In Quest To Stop School Shootings

YouTube Star Jake Paul Talks To Marco Rubio Pledges $25,000 In Quest To Stop School Shootings

On Saturday, Paul released his first vlog since his February announcement that he would be taking a break from posting videos.

Some also pointed out that Paul has featured assault-style rifles in his YouTube videos and has a tattoo of an assault rifle on his leg.

Westlake, Ohio native and YouTube star Jake Paul has created a five-point plan to stop school shootings after meeting with survivors of the Parkland school shooting.

The video is a dramatic departure from Paul's previous vlogs, which include videos like "SMASHING MY LAMBORGHINI WINDSHIELD!" and "I MADE A DISS TRACK (here's why)".

Clips from news of the shooting and CNN's town hall debate are cut between Paul's discussions with members of the Parkland community, which mostly revolve around recalling the events from the day of the shooting and suggestions for making schools safer.

His older brother, Logan Paul, 22, recently faced his own controversy after live vlogging a video of a suicide victim in Japan's "Suicide Forest". "You've got to take one step before you take the second".

"I truly believe if this act had been in place a month ago, Parkland wouldn't have happened", Kashuv said, the news outlet reported. "Can you explain some of, like, the struggles around passing laws?"

Rubio said that the key to preventing school shootings is to identify potential shooters ahead of time.

"We don't want to wait for hundreds of people in Washington D.C.to pass the laws", Paul added. "There's so many disagreements".

Jake has vowed to donate $25,000 to the cause, and part of his money will go to pay for two buses for students to go to the march in Washington, DC, on March 24.

"If this video, or by you showing this video to one other person, if it saves one life, then we're successful", Paul says.

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