Parents stage protest after Kolkata school 'accuses' 10 students of being lesbians

Parents stage protest after Kolkata school 'accuses' 10 students of being lesbians

Parents stage protest after Kolkata school 'accuses' 10 students of being lesbians

It was hilarious, sure, but it was also pretty terrible to be bullied by figures of authority for months for being lesbian, especially when we weren't.

I was thinking about this time when I read this weird piece of news this morning.

A section of the media had reported that the school had forced written undertakings from 10 of its students on Monday that they had indulged in lesbianism in a classroom.

In a weird incident, a group of twelve 13-year-old girls were threatened with expulsion by South Kolkata's reputed Kamala Girls' High School as they were displaying "lesbian behaviour". "I have got written admissions from all 10 students", the acting headmistress of the school told news agency IANS.

However, he also admitted, "They can't ask the students to write anything if they are not guilty". I will ask the school management what prompted them to seek such an undertaking. How low is the bar for becoming a school principal these days?

The school also contacted the girls' parents and guardians "so that we can bring these girls on the right course through efforts both at home and in school". The parents were called to sort out the matter and have a discussion but they overreacted saying their girls were forced to sign it. Naturally, angry parents and guardians stormed the school in protest, asserting that "holding hands, or putting an arm on each other's shoulders" doesn't make someone a lesbian. Nor, by the way, does signing a "confession" to that effect under coercion and duress. And even if they were lesbians, why is it a sensitive issue, or an issue at all, for school authorities?

Everything about this situation is just so infuriating. In most cases the parents didn't mind because, after all, schools are meant to instill in you discipline and integrity.

And why do the kinds of people who clearly love torturing children become teachers in the first place?

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