Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands Gets a "New Assignment" from Ubisoft

Ghost Recon Wildlands PvP Update 4 “New Assignment” releases tomorrow

Ghost Recon Wildlands PvP Update 4 “New Assignment” releases tomorrow

The New Assignment update adds three new classes to Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands - which completes the game's Ghost War roadmap - plus two new maps, and a range of gameplay updates based on player feedback.

The game's next update - which merges Ghost War Updates 5 and 6 - is planned for release in April, 2018. You can check out a brief trailer for the latest update below.

Season pass and Ghost War pass owners will have access to the 3 classes for 7 days starting now.

The new classes - Trapper, Guerrilla and Stalker - are available in all PvP modes, giving the game 18 classes in total.

These classes, which are described below, "round off" the PvP content included in the Season Pass and Ghost War Pass offers.

Available in all PvP modes, the new classes introduced in New Assignment are: The Trapper: an expert shooter equipped with a semi-automatic sniper rifle with the ability to mark downed enemies and deploy remote KO-gas traps to stun and damage enemies.

The Guerilla: a support-class, specialised in diversion tactics and equipped with a smoke-grenade launcher drone.

The 2 maps coming to Extraction mode include Refinery and Cliffside, in addition to a map voting tool. Before each Quickplay and Ranked PvP match players can vote for 1 of 3 options.

The Stalker: a sharpshooter, specialized in silently dispatching her enemies thanks to her special abilities.

The new maps and gameplay updates will be available free and simultaneously to all players.

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