Former top cop insults Nirbhaya, her mother, and all women

Ex-Top Cop Says Disgusting Comment On Nirbhaya's Mother Was'Compliment

Ex-Top Cop Says Disgusting Comment On Nirbhaya's Mother Was'Compliment

Asha Devi, the mother of the December 2012 gangrape victim, on Friday condemned the "good physique" remark made by HT Sangliana and said it would have been better had the former Director General of Karnataka Police spoken about their struggle rather than making a personal remark.

Facing criticism for his remarks, the former top cop said the media is misinterpreting his statements.

On Friday, the former senior police officer stood by his remarks and said he had only meant to "emphasise the importance of protection and security for women".

Sangliana also gave a few "safety tips" to women. Her daughter, Nirbhaya, must have also been a lovely girl. Recalling the series of event, Cheria told Mirror through a statement, "HT Sangliana looked a little unsure as he walked towards the podium". Journalist Susheela Nair, who also attended the award function, said, "We never expected a man of his position to make such a comment, especially at a place where you are present to celebrate womanhood". At least one other awardee, repulsed with Sangliana's statement, left in disgust. "It shows that people's mentalities in our society have not changed", she said on Sangliana's remarks.

D Roopa (centre), Asha Devi (Right).

Sangliana, while attending "Nirbhaya Award" ceremony, organised last week to honour women, had said that he could "imagine how handsome the gangrape victim would have been" by seeing the "good physique" of the late medical student's mother.

The gang-rape of the 23-year-old student Nirbhaya in Delhi on December 16, 2012, by a group of six men, caught global attention after she succumbed to injuries.

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