Chris Brown Spotted "Choking Out" Female Friend But All In Good Fun

Chris Brown Hands on Woman's Neck ... They Say It's Just Horseplay

Chris Brown Hands on Woman's Neck ... They Say It's Just Horseplay

Chris Brown was horseplaying in Miami a few days ago and, even though some of the pics look ominous, Chris and the woman say it was all in good fun.

Brown was reportedly in Miami for the Ultra music festival, which takes place every spring. In photos obtained by TMZ, which you can see HERE, the 28-year-old is seen grabbing the female friend by the throat with his right hand.

In one photo, the woman involved appeared to be distressed; in the other photo, she later appeared to be in a lighter mood, laughing while he continued to his have hands on her. Although the woman looks like she's in distress in a few pics, she and Chris insist it's horseplay.

There are other photos that show the woman smiling, with Chris touching her neck.

Speaking to TMZ, Chris" lawyer Mark Geragos said both parties stated the incident was harmless, saying: "She's friend.

The person behind the camera, however, might be in trouble since Geragos added that he or she obviously invaded privacy and "will be held accountable" for it.

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