Sanctuary State Policies: County supervisors consider joining Trump lawsuit

Michelle Steel

Michelle Steel

The scheduled meeting comes after Orange County supervisors voted unanimously on Tuesday to join the Trump administration's lawsuit against the sanctuary state law, which limits cooperation between local law enforcement and federal immigration officials.

In contrast, Mendez said, a central issue in the San Francisco case is whether federal law authorizes the Trump administration to punish states and cities with sanctuary policies.

Gonzalez Fletcher said Thursday it's "unbelievable" the all- Republican San Diego board would consider following in the footsteps of the Orange County leaders given the San Diego region's large immigrant population.

Escondido Mayor Sam Abed and Councilman John Masson have put an item on the Sunday agenda that would authorize the city's filing of a legal brief in support of the federal government's lawsuit challenging three state laws enacted previous year. The administration is relying on a law requiring state and local governments to allow police to pass along information to federal agents about a detainee's immigration status.

Sheriff Bill Gore is "staying neutral" on whether the supervisors should join the lawsuit, spokeswoman Lt. Karen Stubkjaer said.

The schools guide was unveiled a day after Becerra sent law enforcement agencies their own guidelines on how to follow the state's immigration laws, one of which the Trump administration is challenging in federal court. I have confidence in the justice system and will abide by the ruling when one is reached.

"State law is state law".

Gaspar, through a spokeswoman, declined to indicate where she stands on either lawsuit.

"On the subject of SB54, I agree with our sheriff. Our sheriff's deputies are not and should not be forced to carry out immigration duties", Cox said, referring to the law prohibiting data sharing with federal immigration authorities. A small city in Orange County voted last week to exempt itself from SB54, and other cities in the county were considering similar ordinances in protest of the law.

"I've always supported the great working relationship between the Sheriff's Department and federal law enforcement agencies, and it needs to continue", said [San Diego County] Supervisor Dianne Jacob, adding that she intends to support the county joining the lawsuit.

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