Meek Mill believes he's been chosen by God to help minorities

Meek Mill Speaks Out From Prison on 'NBC Nightly News'

Meek Mill Speaks Out From Prison on 'NBC Nightly News'

Meek Mill's ordeal doesn't appear to be coming to an end despite recent reports, and in an exclusive NBC Nightly News interview, he gets open and candid about what he's been going through since being jailed.

Over the phone, Meek Mill addressed the issues surrounding his case.

Hart said his talk with Meek was "amazing", and that "I'm loving his mental right now".

Hart also said Meek is focused on helping the youth avoid the issues with the legal system that he is now experiencing.

Meek Mill isn't surprised that being on probation for the last decade landed him back in prison. Kev added: "Meek wanted me to tell all of his fans and supporters that he truly appreciates all of your support & that he loves all of you for that".

The time spent incarcerated has given Meek a new perspective on what needs to be done, not only for himself as he fights for an appeal, but also for the justice system as a whole for minorities.

"Across the board, African Americans are ending up with worse sentences over and over than white people, even if you control for the type of offense", said Mill.

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