Overwatch launches Competitive 6v6 Elimination mode

Blizzard have added a new element to one of Overwatch's best side-modes, as 6v6 Elimination Lockout has begun a temporary competitive season.

Elimination is one of Overwatch's arcade modes, in which the goal, as the name may suggest, is to eliminate the enemy team. Teams of six compete in a first-to-three-wins deathmatch, but the winning characters from each round are then locked out of selection for all team members in proceeding rounds.

In "Lockout" mode, which is the version that will be played in the competitive playlist, the winning team's heroes are removed from the hero pool after each round, meaning that once a hero has been used to win it can not be selected again for the duration of the game.

Blizzard introduced a new ranked mode for the first time with the 2018 Lunar New Year event, which introduced a limited-time competitive playlist for Capture the Flag. The competitive variant of the game proved popular, and Jeff Kaplan said Blizzard were looking to add more competitive modes to the game.

Competitive Elimination is live now, and will run until 0:00 UTC on May 8 (17:00 PDT on May 7). To play, simply select the Competitive Elimination card in the game's arcade.

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