S.Korea says officials may visit N.Korea ahead of summit



Chinese President Xi Jinping is to visit North Korea in June for a summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, Japan's Yomiuiri Shimbun reported on Monday.

South Korean security officials may visit North Korea ahead of the first summit since 2007 if more high-level talks are necessary, a Seoul official said on Tuesday, with the South hoping the North will reaffirm its commitment to denuclearize. The 2 leaders have agreed to hold their first conversation using the link before their meeting.

"Even though our special envoys confirmed his denuclearisation will, it is entirely different if the two leaders confirm it directly among themselves and put that into text", Im said. It conducted its most powerful nuclear test a year ago and has sought to develop a missile capable of hitting the United States mainland.

"A North Korea-U.S. summit is scheduled to be held after the South-North Korea summit".

Moon has been reviewing a framework of the statement which could be called the April 27 declaration or the Panmunjom declaration, he said.

"There also has to be a process of actually delivering the peace". Such good news was followed by the surprising news of the North Korea-US planned summit meeting to be held in late May.

"Without US support and agreement, it will be hard to follow through on inter-Korean agreements".

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un likely made a decision to put his nuclear weapons program up for negotiation to win outside rewards so he can improve his country's economy, win public trust at home and prolong his leadership, a special adviser to the South Korean president said Tuesday. On the other hand, President Trump's officials were debating military options against North Korea.

Scholars believe that the North may be emulating China, which by the end of the '60s, completed its development of ballistic missiles as well as atomic and hydrogen bombs, established diplomatic relations with the United States in 1972 and pushed through market reform.

A successful Moon-Kim summit could help pave the way for the Trump-Kim meeting, which would be the first between a sitting USA president and a North Korean leader.

The North is using its Beijing embassy to arrange Xi's itinerary with the global department of the Chinese Communist Party's Central Committee, the Yomiuri Shimbun reported, quoting Chinese and North Korean sources.

Im revealed that a direct phone link between Moon and Kim will likely be set up on Friday.

South and North Korean officials are discussing plans to make a stunning announcement - a permanent end to hostilities between the two nations, according to South Korean newspaper Munhwa Ilbo.

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