Video captured disruptive passenger being kicked off American Airlines flight

An unruly passenger was removed from a Miami to Chicago flight after being tased by Miami-Dade Police, according to authorities.

Witnesses said the man had been rude to a couple on board the flight. The male passenger asks why he is getting removed from the plane, and an officer responds with, "You just assaulted a lady".

The other passengers were eventually allowed back on.

One officer in the video struggles with Garcia, gripping him around the neck, to try and control him while two other officers work on handcuffing him.

As he struggled with the officers he said again: 'You listen, I'm asking you, right now, what is the reason?'

Garcia continues to resist as the officer who warned Garcia reaches for a taser on his belt.

Garcia tells him: 'Go on Taser me, and you'll see what happens'.

The taser doesn't appear to affect Garcia - at first - who calls the officer "a baby" and tried to grab the device out of the officers hand. "The same passenger was subsequently arrested by law enforcement", reads a statement from the airline.

The airline said the crew followed procedure and began deplaning, but that's when a physical altercation between the same two passengers occurred.

"Once law enforcement was on the aircraft, the passenger then became combative with the officers from the Miami-Dade Police Department".

The plane left about an hour after its scheduled departure.

Miami-Dade court records show that Garcia was charged with one felony count of battery and taken from MIA to Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center last night.

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