David Goodall Ends His Life via Voluntary Euthanasia at 104 Years Old

David Goodall Ends His Life via Voluntary Euthanasia at 104 Years Old

David Goodall Ends His Life via Voluntary Euthanasia at 104 Years Old

He joked "what are we waiting for?" as his relatives filled out witness paperwork at the assisted suicide clinic.

The British-born scientist, described by Exit International as its first member, said this week that he had been contemplating the idea of suicide for about 20 years, but only started thinking about it for himself after his quality of life deteriorated over the last year.

Champagne bubbles danced in fancy glasses and birthday candles burned atop a cheesecake marking 104 years of a long and accomplished life.

"My feeling is that an old person like myself should have full citizenship rights, including the right of assisted suicide", the 104-year-old added.

"Once one is past the stage of middle life, one has paid back to society the debts that have been paid out", Goodall told the ABC. If one chooses to kill oneself, then that's fair enough.

The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg permit euthanasia and assisted suicide.

Speaking Thursday in the room where he later died, Goodall said: "My life has been rather poor for the past year or so".

Shortly before his death, he said he was "happy to end" his life.

Mr Goodall had flown from Australia for his assisted suicide, attracting the attention of people around the world.

In the United States, only six states - California, Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Vermont and Washington state - and Washington, DC, have death-with-dignity laws for terminally ill patients.

The 104-year-old scientist, an accomplished botanist and ecologist, had always been a member of the organization Exit International, an international nonprofit group advocating for the legalization of euthanasia. The incident gained global media attention, with Goodall, then 102, calling it ageism in the workplace. "The question would not have arisen if I were not an old man", he said at the time.

But Goodall said his health is declining. Goodall spent two days on the floor before a cleaner came to his home and found him.

Before he died, Professor Goodall said he would have liked to die in Australia and hoped future euthanasia laws would allow that.

He said dying is part of life. "I don't regard it as grim, I regard it as natural".

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