Stone the crows! Aussie bloke wins Lotto twice in a single week

Bondi Man Wins Lotto Twice In A Week Still Can’t Afford To Buy A House There

Bondi Man Wins Lotto Twice In A Week Still Can’t Afford To Buy A House There

A man from Bondi Beach in Sydney has won the top Lotto prize twice in one week, making him nearly $2.5 million richer.

The Bondi resident took home two division one prizes just five days apart, with winning tickets bought from the same newsagent, bringing his total prize to over $2.4 million.

And aside from just splurging on a new vehicle he says he doesn't intend to go insane with his newfound fortune.

He told NSW Lotteries the win was "amazing" and would "come in handy".

The lottery victor from Sydney's ritzy eastern suburbs was one of 14 division one winners in Saturday's $20 million Lotto Superdraw, 3841, on May 12, snaring a $1.4 million prize.

Just five days later the man found he had won again, this time bagging $1,457,834.33 in Saturday's prize.

In the space of a week, the man pocketed a total of $2,478,321.33.

"The chances of winning twice in such a short period of time must be non-existent!".

"I just thought this is too good to be true!"

The Bondi man won the Lotto twice within a week.

The winning tickets were bought at Bondi Sixways at 66 Hall Street in Bondi.

He claims he's "not going to be stupid" with his winnings and will "invest it wisely in real estate".

"We hope the luck rubs off on some of our other customers", Mr Nsairat said.

He's also eyeing a trip overseas.

"A holiday to Honolulu goes without saying".

"I did treat myself to a nice brand-new vehicle though but the rest I will be sensible with definitely".

Across Australia there were 14 division one winning entries in Saturday Lotto draw 3841 - seven from Victoria, three from New South Wales, and one each from Queensland, South Australia, the Northern Territory and Western Australia.

Four division one winning entries were held by syndicates.

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