Elon Musk brings technology charm offensive to Los Angeles tunnel plan

SpaceX Elon Musk super fast rocket travel earth mars

SpaceX Elon Musk super fast rocket travel earth mars

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk is bringing his technology charm offensive to an attempt at digging a tunnel beneath part of Los Angeles to test designs for a high-speed subterranean transportation network he envisions for the city.

The Boring Company plans to excavate a 2.7-mile (4.4-km) passage below a stretch of the congested Sepulveda Boulevard corridor on the West Side of Los Angeles.

Elon Musk's needs to make use of the largest rocket SpaceX has ever constructed to ferry people across the globe, promising passengers the flexibility to get wherever on Earth in below an hour.

That announcement on Thursday night preceded a public event Musk held in the LA suburb of Bel-Air on Thursday night, during which he and Boring Company officials talked about the tunneling activities and took questions from members of the community.

He showed what the tunnels would look like in a test run done in the company's hyperloop chamber.

A slightly shorter test tunnel is already largely finished underneath the tiny neighboring municipality of Hawthorne, where Boring and SpaceX are both headquartered.

Locals have expressed some practical concerns, like whether it is safe to dig beneath a region that's prone to natural hazards like earthquakes, and whether underground utilities would be affected.

"Boring Company Hyperloop will take you from city center under ground & ocean to spaceport in 10 to 15 mins."
"Accelerate over 300 miles per hour and break and that's in a vacuum tunnel", Musk said.

This new Boring Company tunnel was announced last month and will serve as a new full proof-of-concept for the company.

Musk said the company's in-city Loop system aims to bypass traffic congestion by offering $1 rides in electric passenger pods through its tunnel network.

Known for aggressively taking on large-scale technical challenges with which he has had little previous experience, Musk ended his pitch on a humble note, telling the audience that realizing his vision "could only happen with public support".

Part of the event was created to put to rest concerns that the public wouldn't be disrupted by the project.

"You won't hear us, you won't see us, you won't feel us".

"It's one [solution] we think could work and is worth trying", he said.

"We are going to do everything right".

Ms Shotwell says the price-point will be made possible by the rapid trips the rocket will take.

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