'Grey's Anatomy' Season Finale: [SPOILER] Reveals She's Pregnant After A Surprise Proposal

Grey's Anatomy Season Finale Photos: “All of Me”

Grey's Anatomy Season Finale Photos: “All of Me”

After some conversations, and a disastrous failed attempt at a wedding ceremony for Jo and Alex, Grey's wrapped up Drew's storyline with Matthew and April getting married in an impromptu ceremony.

During Alex and Jo's wedding, Arizona says her goodbyes to best friend April and former pediatrics mentee Alex before she headed off on her next adventure.

Grey's Anatomy bid farewell to Jessica Capshaw and Sarah Drew on Thursday in an emotional but hopeful hour that included a triple wedding, a surprise pregnancy, and a sly cameo by Sara Ramirez. When the docs of Grey Sloan showed up at the wrong wedding, Bailey (Chandra Wilson) jumped into action when the mother of the bride fell ill.

The past couple of episodes have teased out the reason behind Arizona's exit - her desire to move to NY to be closer to her daughter's mother, Callie (who left the series after Season 12). So in classic Grey's bittersweet style we will leave you tonight with tears in your eyes and hopefully smiles on your faces. Earlier in the hour, we learn that Callie is no longer with Penny, so Callie and Arizona are both single and reuniting in NY.

Arizona's exit path has already been pretty clearly laid out. While in the hospital, Teddy unexpectedly arrived and asked if there were any jobs open. There are happy moments with Alex and Jo tying the knot at last, but this will also be the last time that the Grey Sloan Memorial staff, as well as viewers, see April and Arizona. Amelia takes her to a meeting. A reveal that reportedly happened "weeks" before the wedding.

And what about Meredith (Ellen Pompeo)? But Wong is still pitch-perfect with her irreverent takes on motherhood and sudden fame.

"Over the last 14 seasons I've cried many tears on screen and off". She offers Teddy the job of interim chief of surgery, which could also be a sign because, as the end of the episode reveals, she's pregnant!

The actress didn't give away any spoilers from the season 14 finale, but she did warn fans that they will likely be crying and laughing throughout the episode.

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