IZOMBIE Renewed For Fifth (But FINAL) Season

iZOMBIE Renewed For Fifth (But FINAL) Season

iZOMBIE Renewed For Fifth (But FINAL) Season

Jane the Virgin, iZombie, and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend are all going to end after their new seasons air. Jane the Virgin and iZombie will both conclude after their fifth seasons; Crazy Ex-Girlfriend will conclude after its fourth. In particular, Jane the Virgin is a fan favorite and one of the network's most critically acclaimed programs. Rodriguez, who's working on producing a series of her own, has been a growing star in Hollywood since the show premiere and with its end, she should be freed up to take on more feature film roles. Do you have any hopes or theories about how they'll end?

The final season is expected to reveal the fate of Jane's love life and her writing career.

The upcoming fifth season of iZombie will be the last for the offbeat comedy-drama. Additionally, The CW will introduce two other new shows in the fall, as well as two more midseason. That means a long-awaited Charm reboot and a Vampire Diaries spin-off should fill the void of their departing comedies.

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