Janet Jackson Reveals How She Found 'Peace' Through Motherhood

Janet Jackson Reflects On Precious Michael Jackson Memory, Reveals Modern Artists That Inspire Her

Janet Jackson Reflects On Precious Michael Jackson Memory, Reveals Modern Artists That Inspire Her

"My son, even in his short 17 months on the planet, has showed me that love, no matter how deeply you believe you have experienced that emotion, can always go deeper", she said.

"Love is limitless", she adds.

"And for someone like me, raised in show business where self-concern is always a priority, how fortunate I am now to be concerned, first and foremost, with the welfare of someone else". Day after day and night after night, holding my baby in my arms, I am at peace.

She continues, "I am blessed".

Janet Jackson has confirmed that she is now working on new music. Bruno was really the first music my son responded to.

"During and after his birth, I comforted myself with Brazilian jazz, music that always relaxes me", Jackson explained. But what we weren't as clear on was just where Ms. Jackson was drawing inspiration from for her upcoming new record.

What Jackson loves most about Mars is how he puts it all together: "Bruno is a throwback to the days when the greatest artists could do it all: write, sing, dance, produce". On Sunday, May 20, Michael Jackson's baby sister and collaborator will be honored with the Icon Award at the Billboard Music Awards - for her decades-long career.

On self-doubt: "Like millions of other women, I've struggled with low self-esteem my whole life. I'm doing better in that regard", she confides. "I believe in all the different methods of help - smart psychology, vigorous exercise and honest spirituality". "I was 16 and in between my first two records", she remembered.

"I think that was the main point is for the group and mass of people to come together and try to be positive in such a world we live in now".

"My heart says thank you, your appreciation means the world to me".

In the her sit-down with Billboard, the music legend ran through her discography, speaking about key creative moments, her impact on music and how she's crafted her legendary run. "I'm not trying to avoid the question and be secretive, but the truth is that I don't try to analyse the creative process while it's still ongoing". I'm very intuitive about writing.

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