Nine Inch Nails premiere dark jazzy 'God Break Down the Door'

Nine Inch Nails Release New Song, 'God Break Down the Door'

Nine Inch Nails Release New Song, 'God Break Down the Door'

Along with sharing the new song from Bad Witch, Trent Reznor spoke with Zane Lowe on Beats 1. Reznor discussed being "largely inspired" by LCD Soundsystem to create a unique live experience for fans. Fans who pre-order the record in digital format or from the band's website will instantly receive a download of "God Break Down the Door". And from the sound of the drums to the kind of frantic drumbeat to looking around the studio and seeing the untouched baritone tenor and alto sax that are sitting there. And there they sit taunting me in the corner. See more details here. We pulled them out and we just started fucking around, really, led with Atticus [Ross] arranging. "As we finished "Add Violence" we found ourselves... it felt too predictable". The first EP, 'Not The Actual Events', was meant to be from a personal, angry self-destructive reflection on that question and defining how I feel in a world. There was the third EP which has grown into an LP (Bad Witch.) It was coming to one final look at that question from rejecting what the number two says that it wasn't an easy answer. I thought it was going to go more science fiction.

To promote the album, Nine Inch Nails will embark on the Cold And Black And Infinite Tour this summer, double-headlining bill with fellow alt-rock veterans The Jesus and Mary Chain. "And we knew by saying that this is all referring to we're saying if you want a ticket just show up at the box office and hand somebody money and you'll get a ticket".

All tickets (except the Denver date) will go on sale on May 19.

All seats for the tour will be offered on an in-person, first-come-first-served basis only with a four-ticket limit per show.

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