Pools, hot tubs can harbor risky germs

Don’t drink the water:’ 8 deaths 27K illnesses linked to parasites bacteria in hotel pools hot tubs

Don’t drink the water:’ 8 deaths 27K illnesses linked to parasites bacteria in hotel pools hot tubs

The report describes mixed progress in preventing outbreaks caused by germs spread through treated recreational water. Over 200 of the outbreaks in the CDC report are attributed to Cryptosporidium, including over 21,000 illnesses.

Pools, hot tubs and water playgrounds may be synonymous with summertime fun, but they also can be breeding grounds for unsafe germs that could make you violently ill. A third of those were traced back to hotel pools and hot tubs. More than half of outbreaks started in the summer, the peak season for swimming. Crypto, for example, can survive even in properly maintained and chlorinated pools, and Pseudomonas and Legionella thrive in slimy areas in hot tubs, pools and water playgrounds.

"Swallowing just a mouthful of water with Crypto in it can make otherwise healthy kids and adults sick for weeks with watery diarrhea, stomach cramps, nausea, and vomiting", said Michele Hlavsa, the author of the study.

The most important way to prevent these outbreaks is to educate swimmers. "Chlorine can not kill Crypto quickly". The annual number of outbreaks caused by Legionella increased around 13 percent per year, the report stated. Legionella can cause severe pneumonia and symptoms similar to the flu. While most park districts and major water parks adhere to CDC guidelines, Dr. Dorevitch said if you are unsure, ask the pools aquatics director about the protocol to keep the pool clean and safe. Legionella and Pseudomonas can live in this biofilm.

Those most susceptible to Legionella include people aged 50 or older, current or former smokers, people with chronic lung disease and those with weakened immune systems.

To better ensure safety, the CDC recommends people who know they are at risk of Legionnaires' disease to avoid hot tubs.

Not swimming or letting your children swim when sick with diarrhea. If Crypto is the cause of the diarrhea, wait until 2 weeks after diarrhea has stopped to go swimming.

"Multiple factors contribute to Legionella and Pseudomonas growth in hot tubs/spas, including inadequate disinfectant concentration; warm (77°F-108°F [25°C-42°C]) water temperatures (which facilitate pathogen amplification and make it hard to maintain adequate disinfectant concentration); water aeration (which depletes halogens); and the presence of biofilm on wet venue surfaces, scale, and sediment", the authors wrote. It is also important for people to maintain the pools by measuring the chlorine level with test strips.

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