The next feature update for Xbox One is available for everyone now

Sean Murray Announces XBox One Release Date

Sean Murray Announces XBox One Release Date

After a period of testing with Xbox Insiders, Microsoft is saying today that the Xbox One May Update (Version 1805) should now be rolling out to all consoles around the world.

We wrote a bit about the May Xbox Update back in April, but here's a quick rundown of the new features.

According to Microsoft, the May Xbox One update is part of their ongoing effort to improve the Xbox experience by implementing some cool features to the console. This doesn't allow you to take advantage of Discord's voice and text chat services, but it does allow Discord to show your Xbox One activity to your friends. The higher refresh rate means that, if you have a display that supports it, you'll now be able to take advantage of the smoother gameplay and reduced reaction times that come along with 120Hz capabilities.

Sean Murray Announces XBox One Release Date

The latest update also introduces account linking between Discord and Xbox Live profiles.

In the Guide, users can now trim game clips, meaning that you no longer have to switch to the Upload Studio. You'll need to head to the linked social accounts settings menu on Xbox one to find this option.

Final of the new features in this update are enhancements to the Xbox Accessories app, Family Settings, and new intuitive button commands. First off, Microsoft has modernized the Xbox Accessories app to make it easier to use and look at. Secondly, they've also added a "Details" page in family settings so parents can better leverage their controls on Xbox One. And finally, with the new intuitive button commands, you can use the "View" button on Home to edit the order of blocks or reorder items within Groups.

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