Trump presses Germany to drop Russian pipeline

Nord Stream ΙΙ vs U.S. shale gas When Washington provokes Brussels

Nord Stream ΙΙ vs U.S. shale gas When Washington provokes Brussels

Sandra Oudkirk, US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Energy, has declared that the White House is willing to impose economic sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project, Spiegel Online reports.

"We would be delighted if the project did not take place", she told reporters in Berlin.

A consortium of western companies and Russia's Gazprom said this week it was starting preparatory work off Germany's Baltic coast.

"That means that any pipeline project, and there are multiple pipeline projects in the world that are potentially covered, is at an elevated sanctions risk", Bloomberg cited Oudkirk as saying.

2 Nord stream is a Russian gas pipeline, which is building the Nord Stream AG 2.

Despite taking a hard line against Russian Federation in recent years over its aggression in Ukraine and other matters, Merkel has defended the pipeline project, saying Germany badly needs to secure its gas supplies.

Altmaier has said he is optimistic that a "substantial" amount of gas will flow through Ukraine in the future.

Media: trump urged Merkel to abandon the “Nord stream-2”

While Germany and Finland have already approved the project, the United States and several European Union countries along with Ukraine claim that the pipeline will increase Europe's dependence on imported Russian gas.

She said the Baltic was a congested, sensitive military area.

A pipeline project between Russian Federation and Germany risks triggering USA sanctions because of security concerns, a senior American diplomat said Thursday.

"The new project would permit new technologies to be placed along the pipeline route and that is a threat".

Oudkirk brushed aside as "false" the suggestion that the opposing the pipeline to ensure the US has Europe as a potential market liquefied natural gas.

US President Donald Trump plans to promote US liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports at a meeting next Thursday (6 July) in Warsaw with a dozen leaders from Central and Eastern Europe, a region heavily reliant on Russian supplies. In addition, the foreign Ministry explained why the "Nord stream-2" favorable to Germany.

Denmark must still rule on whether the pipeline can be built near its coast, and other routine permissioning processes are still under way in Sweden and Russian Federation.

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