Ubisoft Delays Skull and Bones to at Least 2019

The Division 2 set to launch within a year

The Division 2 set to launch within a year

According to the two executives during Ubisoft's fiscal year financial conference, the sequel will have far more content than its predecessor with an impressive amount of gameplay to experience right at launch.

Skull and Bones is due to launch on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Game Director Mathias Karlson mentioned in addition, "Also, I mean, the process of making something is such an important part of learning and improving what to do next, what to do in the future". At least according to the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer over at Ubisoft. The Group further strengthened its brands thanks to the quality of its games, strong live services and a deep commitment to player communities.

Far Cry 5 has become Ubisoft's second biggest release ever with United States dollars 310 million total players spending in the release week. Our digital transformation is progressing at a faster pace than we anticipated. "Over the longer term, new forms of gaming, enabled notably by streaming, will allow our brands to reach a much wider audience." he said.

The announcement also included a series of highlights of the company's performance during the period.

Apparently, Ubisoft expects to sell 19 million copies with this three video games - somewhat less than the 23 million copies expected between the four games of the previous fiscal year, and has detailed that it will be present at E3 2018, to be held in June.

Total sales exceeded expectations and hit €1,731.9 million (€1.73 billion), up 18.6% year over year.

The group confirmed its operating income target of 440 million euros, as well as free cash flow target of 300 million euros. In a message posted to the official Skull & Bones forum, Farren has announced that the game will now be released later than initially planned.

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