United Kingdom government suffers another Brexit defeat in the House of Commons

UK government suffers 15th defeat on flagship Brexit bill

UK government suffers 15th defeat on flagship Brexit bill

The House of Lords has dealt another blow to the government's Brexit bill after voting to uphold the EU's environmental rules after the United Kingdom leaves the EU.

The government's environment secretary, who is now a prominent Brexit campaigner Michael Gove, is required to apply EU principles and create a public body to monitor compliance, both of which are unlikely to happen, as May is faced with uncompromising backbenchers who want a hard Brexit and an apparent majority in both houses in favour of continued membership of the Customs Union.

It is the government's 15defeat on the legislation related to Brexit. The document is due for a final vote in the House of Commons in the coming weeks.

"However, during the bill's journey through the House of Lords some changes have been made that conflict with its goal or are created to frustrate the entire exit process and so we are considering the implications of those decisions", he said.

Speaking in favor of the amendment in a debate preceding the vote, Lord Deben, who is chair of the Climate Change Committee said: "After we leave the European Union we want the same protection as we were promised".

That process, known as "ping pong", is not yet scheduled, but will be a key test of May's ability to govern effectively and to deliver on her Brexit plans with just a slim working majority in the Commons, where she relies on the support of a small Northern Irish party.

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