Sony is considering making its own PS1 ‘Classic Edition’ retro console

PS5 Confirmed To Launch After 3 Years As PS4 Entered End Of Life | 73Buzz

PS5 Confirmed To Launch After 3 Years As PS4 Entered End Of Life | 73Buzz

PS4 sales, which sit at 79 million units as of March 31st, are declining this year slightly, but still put the console on pace to surpass the PS3's 83 million units sold.

Rumors about a new generation of PlayStation consoles being revealed soon have been swirling around the web for months now and the company's CEO just added fuel to the fire.

There have been several classic PlayStation titles that have been re-introduced to the current-gen recently such as the remakes of the PS1 Crash Bandicoot and Spyro trilogies.

It is important to note that he also stated that there are no official plans [VIDEO] to revive the old PlayStation system but they are looking into past assets and how to use them.

Sony could release a new and smaller version of the original PlayStation console with 20 games similair to what Nintendo did with the SNES and NES Classic Edition. Games such as "Final Fantasy VII" or "Metal Gear Solid" have long CGI cutscenes or lots of voice acting, and this takes up a lot of storage space. Developed by Capcom and released in 1998, "Resident Evil 2" is one of the highest-rated PlayStation games, receiving an 89 out of 100 points rating by Metacritic.

God of War is available now exclusively for the PlayStation 4, with players hoping for news of future sequels or downloadable content to keep the story going.

Sony may be backing off what has been an aggressive agenda by most virtual MVPDs to sign local stations to retrans deals.

The NES Mini Classic originally released in November 2016 and sold out nearly immediately. John Kodera told investors that they intend to expand the company's first-party game pipeline and that they should prepare for rising costs associated with that expansion.

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