Quebic City Highway Entrance Blocked After G7 Protesters Set Couches Alight



The recent US decision to impose import steel and aluminum tariffs on Canada, Mexico and the European Union, and others, is expected to be a "front and center" issue at the Group of Seven (G7) summit that will begin on Friday in Quebec, a former Canadian prime minister said on Thursday.

A group of protesters set fire to couches at the entrance to Highway 440, which leads from Quebec City to La Malbaie, where the G7 summit is taking place.

The early-morning protest was quickly declared illegal, because the route wasn't provided to police.

"There are agreements with other prisons to transfer inmates to make even more room (in Quebec City's jail)", Paul said. However, police was present to keep vigil on the protestors. Quebec City's significant district looked deserted as though business owners were devising for a microscopic hurricane to blow through the cobblestone streets and many stores were barricaded with plywood expecting the anti G7 protests.

"Police are trained to use force with flexibility and discretion".

"It must obviously be done with respect and, above all, security".

The group organizing Friday morning's demonstration, the Anti-G7 Resistance Network, says it denounces the "imperialist, colonialist and anti-environment" agenda of the G7.

The summit - its main themes this year being women's empowerment and climate change - brought U.S. President Donald Trump to Canada for the first time.

"It's the free speech zone here, but we're just preaching in the desert, because in my opinion the G7 leaders won't really come here", said Sujata Dey of The Council of Canadians.

The protests, involving anarchists, anti-capitalists and environmentalists, were largely peaceful, but there was some trouble and tension between police.

An actor wearing a papier-mache mask of Donald Trump wielded a feather duster, while a likeness of Justin Trudeau carved a turkey next to laundry-folding Angela Merkel.

About 10,000 civil servants who work in buildings in and around Quebec's legislature have been given Thursday afternoon off as well as all day Friday in anticipation of the discord.

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