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Trump signs VA reform bill without Democratic co-author

Trump signs VA reform bill without Democratic co-author

President Trump signed the Veterans Affairs' Mission Act into law midweek which will provide over $50 billion in federal investments to privatize a portion of the VA's healthcare system and improve historical inefficiencies.

The US Veterans Administration now serves some nine million veterans across America.

The challenge going forward is to regain the trust of many private health care providers who have had past difficulties in getting payment from the VA for care provided to veterans, Roe said.

The sweeping $51 billion plan, which would also expand a VA caregivers program to cover families of veterans of all eras, cleared the Senate on a 92-5 vote last month.

"On the anniversary of D-Day, we're reminded of the sacrifices of our courageous veterans and that we owe our service members a debt that can never be repaid".

That spurred the Choice Act, which gave veterans access to VA-certified health care providers outside of the Department of Veterans Affairs. He emphasized how crucial it was for veterans to have choice within their medical care.

Situations covered under the VA Mission Act of 2018, which grants veterans access to private care, include situations in which the VA does not offer the care a veteran needs, the distance to a VA clinic is too far, or private care is in the best medical interest of the veteran.

Additionally, the VA Mission Act aims to ensure that veterans have access to care from non-VA providers, including coverage of urgent care.

Wanda Wright, director of Arizona Department of Veterans Services, was in Washington for the signing of the Mission Act.

The tension over how to pay for the legislation is part of a larger debate over private care for veterans. "I know many other veterans around the area that are fighting right now to get their bills paid from the private sector by the VA, and it's affecting their credit", Noechel said. "Our historic law gets rid of the government bureaucracy that has stood between Montana veterans and their health care".

"Although it is hard to quantify the risk of patient harm, the findings in this report may help facilities identify areas of vulnerability or conditions that, if properly addressed, could improve patient safety and health care quality", the report said. They warned of continuing problems of long waits under a newly expanded Choice program until the VA is able to more easily exchange veterans' medical records with outside physicians; the VA has said achieving that could take years. That overhaul will take at least 10 years to be complete. "Medical decisions should be made between a doctor and their patient, and that is exactly what this bill does".

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