North Korea's Kim lands in Singapore ahead of summit with Trump

Trump is right to lower expectations for Singapore summit

Trump is right to lower expectations for Singapore summit

Cleaned up, locked down and ready to make history.

The North Korean leader reportedly arrived at Changi Airport in Singapore Sunday afternoon, where he was met by the Minister for Foreign Affairs Vivian Balakrishnan.

Now he's in Singapore, ready to negotiate with U.S. President Donald Trump.

Security was also tight outside the Shangri La Hotel, where Trump is expected to stay. At the same time, Trump stressed that Washington would not accept Pyongyang's refusal to denuclearize. "That would be rejected and Trump would walk out".

According to National Security Council spokesman Robert Palladino, President Trump intends to meet one on one with Kim.

"I think I'll know pretty quickly whether or not, in my opinion, something positive will happen", said Trump.

US President Donald Trump will today hold a meeting with Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, ahead of the historic US-North Korea summit tomorrow.

Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un have discussed bilateral relations and the situation on the Korean Peninsula, the city-state's Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

That appeared to be the main issue of debate on Monday as top aides from both sides met for last-minute talks on the joint communique to be issued after the historic summit between the two leaders. "You would start at least a dialogue, because, you know, as a deal person, I have done very well with deals".

As the final preparations for the summit were being made, some veteran diplomats warned against an all-or-nothing approach from the U.S.

United States presidents and vice-presidents generally never fly on the same aircraft to guarantee that one of them survives in the event of a disaster, and the move appeared created to ensure the preservation of the Kim dynasty, which has ruled the North for three generations. The North has faced crippling diplomatic and economic sanctions as it has advanced development of its nuclear and ballistic missile programs.

Trump descended from Air Force One into the steamy Singapore night, greeting officials and declaring he felt "very good" before being whisked away to his hotel via a route lined with police and photo-snapping onlookers.

During the flight, the President spent time meeting with his staff, reading materials, and preparing for his meetings in Singapore.

"Wouldn't it be wonderful if we walked out and everything was settled all of a sudden from sitting down for a couple of hours?"

While the summit reaffirms the U.S.'s close ties with Singapore - long one of America's best partners in South Asia - local officials have in recent weeks criticized Trump's efforts to reverse what he says are unfair trade practices.

Ahead of his much-anticipated meeting with Kim, the US President sounded optimistic and said the meeting would be a "one-time shot" at peace. He sees the summit not as a means to an end, but the end itself. He surprised them again a couple of weeks ago when he called it off, leaving the region anxious about risky consequences. Trump and Kim come from very different backgrounds and ideologies, and at 71, Trump is about twice as old as the North Korean leader. But they share a similar hands-on approach, with decisions based on their own personal views -sometimes even their whims. Some analysts said a Kim commitment to specific negotiations on denuclearisation could well be enough for Tuesday's summit to be a success.

The Trump-Kim summit, which will be held at the Capella Hotel on Tuesday morning, will mark the first time a North Korean leader has met with a sitting USA president.

The format for the historic talks, at a luxury island hotel, was still far from clear.

Paul Haenle worries there's a preparation gap that has left Trump - and the USA - at a disadvantage. He's now the director of the Carnegie Tsinghua Center, a thinktank in Beijing.

"It's never been done before", Trump said of a U.S. China and South Korea would have to sign off on any legal treaty.

It's not just the logistics of Kim's trip that are unclear.

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