Watch supermodel wave checkered flag lap early at Canadian Grand Prix

Model blames race officials after waving chequered flag to end Canadian Grand Prix two laps early

Model blames race officials after waving chequered flag to end Canadian Grand Prix two laps early

After the race, Whiting clarified that Harlow was told when to the wave the flag and it was down to miscommunication between the "starter" and race control.

FIA Race Director Charlie Whiting has clarified the confusion that led to model and activist Winnie Harloe waving the chequered flag a lap early at Sunday's Canadian Grand Prix.

The Australian recorded his time on the official final lap of the race but Harlow's error meant Max Verstappen instead got the fastest lap honour.

After securing his third win of the season, he explained that he was concerned the error could have led to a unsafe situation for fans and marshals at the circuit. In this case, the cars were still going full speed on what should have been the final lap as the drivers waited for clarification on the situation.

"I think people who don't work in F1 are sometimes a little confused by the graphic that they see on the screen where it says 69 out of 70", he said. Twelve years later, the flag was waved one lap early at the Chinese Grand Prix, with Hamilton being declared the victor. That might provide an internal headache for Red Bull, a team that has been known for financially rewarding its drivers for claiming the fastest lap of the race. "They thought he was making a statement when in fact he was asking a question".

"He told the flag waver [Harlow] to wave it a lap early, so it wasn't anything to do with the fact it was a celebrity flag waver". "I don't know what happened". Per Formula 1 rules, the accidental waving of the checkered flag means the race has to be classified via the number of laps completed at the time the flag was displayed.

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