Google Assistant Now Capable of Handling 3 Commands at a Time

Google Home can now handle up to three commands at once

Google Home can now handle up to three commands at once

The "multiple queries" feature is now available in English for USA, UK, Canada and Australia, and enables Google Home users to perform up to three functions with a single utterance. Queries can involve fetching information from the web, as well as performing commands on connected smart home devices.

According to Google, the feature is now rolling out in English-speaking countries, including the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. Now, Google Home is getting even smarter about multitasking by enabling support three requests at once. That lead to unnatural sentences like "turn on the lights in the living room and turn on the lights in the kitchen". So you'll be able to say, "OK Google, dim the lights and play Marvin Gaye and turn the volume down", and create instant ambience.

I am not sure how long this has been live as Google didn't announce it and we haven't been testing it, but I think it's relatively new as the support page still says this won't work. For example, instead of saying "OK Google, what's the time in Shanghai and what's the time in London", you can simply ask, "what's the time in Shanghai and London" and get two separate answers based on your question. Others needed to update their Google Home firmware.

Previously, Google Home speakers could perform two commands at the same time.

"You're not the only one who can multitask", the Made by Google Twitter accounted revealed via a tweet.

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