Raccoon scales St. Paul office tower, internet goes wild

Raccoon Scaling St. Paul Skyscraper Sets Off Social Media Firestorm

Raccoon Scaling St. Paul Skyscraper Sets Off Social Media Firestorm

"A technician is on the way to pick it up and take it to be released in a safe place".

The racoon eventually stopped for a nap on a window ledge on the 22nd floor, Twin Cities Pioneer Press reported.

The mammal was spotted by Tim Nelson, a Minnesota Public Radio reporter, who has been relentlessly tweeting about the progress in the raccoon's movements.

"To think that one of these little animals would top the trending on Twitter is a complete surprise to me", he said.

A raccoon in Minnesota has become an unlikely social media star after scaling an office tower in the state's capital.

The fuzzy critter hopped to the roof of that building before scurrying over to the UBS Building to make its climb.

Due to the building's sealed windows, rescue efforts have been futile - animal-control authorities are hoping it will reach the roof where it will be trapped.

There will be someone monitoring the animal overnight, Brickley said. But overnight, the nocturnal mammal thwarted that plan by beginning to descend. MPR's offices face the space where the animal was originally stranded, and at least one staffer began tweeting concern for the animal as early as Monday. By 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, it was resting 23 stories up. On Tuesday, employees occasionally stepped outside to further document the animal's ascent to greatness on Twitter.

It brought an end to a day of drama as people around the world anxious that the basketball-sized raccoon would lose its grip as it climbed or slip off a window ledge hundreds of feet above the light rail tracks running down Cedar Street in St. Paul.

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