Drake Takes Over Degrassi High School In New Video For "I'm Upset"

Drake Gives 'Degrassi' Fans A Surprise Reunion In Newest Music Video

Drake Gives 'Degrassi' Fans A Surprise Reunion In Newest Music Video

Although Drake reportedly had a "career-ending" diss track ready in response to Pusha-T, he never released it - and it appears that he has now returned to focusing on his own solo material.

In the video for his latest single "I'm Upset", the rapper looks to being anything but, staging an epic Degrassi reunion, the Canadian teen drama that he starred on before his music career took off. Then, after some flexing outside the Degrassi Community School, we go inside to see Emma (Miriam McDonald) helping BFF Manny (Cassie Steele) - who infamously pushed back against the "Degrassi" dress code - adjust her top.

In the opening scene, Drake wakes up in a bed next to a half-naked women in the middle of the Toronto Raptor's basketball court. Is it Drake or his "Degrassi" character Jimmy Brooks? If you're familiar with Smith's View Askew universe, you can probably guess how.

Cameos come from old cast members including Shane Kippel, Nina Dobrev, Stacey Farber, Jake Epstein, and A.J. Saudin, as well as Jay and Silent Bob (Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith), with everyone partying throughout the old sets.

Everyone parties so hard they have to call the fire department.

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