Huawei to launch Mate 20 with 6.9-inch Samsung AMOLED screen

Huawei is making a phone even bigger than the iPhone X Plus or Galaxy Note 9

Huawei is making a phone even bigger than the iPhone X Plus or Galaxy Note 9

Although the Mate 20 Pro is not explicitly referenced, considering the wide diagonal of the display and the traditional lineup of Huawei flagships, everything points to the next generation Mate.

It is pretty clear that smartphones with a large footprint are here to stay.

The report said Huawei, China's largest smartphone maker with more than 20 percent market share, may have made a decision to play it bigger with aims to take an edge in the burgeoning premium market at home where consumers prefer bigger-screen phones to scribble complicated Chinese characters. The phones that are getting a lot of web space are the iPhone X Plus, a larger version to the 2017 iPhone X and the 2018 Samsung Galaxy Note 9, the successor to the Galaxy Note 8.

The Bell doesn't say what Huawei device will get the 6.9-inch screen, but the Huawei Mate 20 Pro might be a candidate.

The new Huawei Mate 20 will feature a 6.9-inch AMOLED display screen, acquired from Samsung, reports suggest. While the full technical specs, including resolution, of the panel haven't been revealed, it's believed they are flat panels as opposed to curved. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9, which often takes the crown for the largest screen, is expected to be a little smaller than 6.4 inches, while the possible Apple iPhone X Plus may stretch to nearly 6.5 inches. It seems that Huawei wants to order OLED panels directly from Samsung to be integrated on its next flagship. This means that there is a possibility that these panels are for the Mate 20. This is because Chinese consumers apparently prefer bigger screens.

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