'Man of Peace': Norwegian MPs Nominate Trump for Nobel Prize

Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump

Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump

When Donald Trump shook North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's hand in Singapore, signing the historic document in which Pyongyang committed itself to nuclear disarmament, this marked a historic turning point, which, according to MPs Christian Tybring-Gjedde and Per-Willy Amundsen qualified Donald Trump for the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize.

During the summit, Trump and Kim signed a brief document committing the U.S.to unspecified security guarantees for North Korea in exchange for the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

There have been 98 Nobel Peace Prizes awarded since 1901.

The process of considering candidates for the honour is carried out in Norway, and nominations must be sent to the Nobel committee before February.

Nominations for the world's most coveted prize are open to lawmakers, academics and researchers from around the world.

Syse said his writings as a political philosopher and commentator 'should in no way be read as comments pertaining to the prize or to our process in what is a five-person committee'.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee said earlier this year that it had received 329 nominations for the 2018 award, the second-highest number to date.

Trump also praised the North Korean leader during the summit and vowed to meet with him again "many times".

Former President Barack Obama earned the prize, as did Jimmy Carter, Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson. This year stands in stark contrast to last year, when Trump and Kim traded barbs and threats. Kim backed off in response to Trump's multiple demonstrations of US military power and resolve, and his toughening of economic sanctions against North Korea. Urdal cited the 2000 Nobel Peace Prize that went to South Korean President Kim Dae-jung for his reconciliation efforts, which turned out to be "little more than a public relations campaign".

Mr Pompeo has also said sanctions on North Korea will not be eased until the country has denuclearised.

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