US, Canada & Mexico To Host 2026 World Cup

Ronaldo has won the World Cup twice with Brazil

Ronaldo has won the World Cup twice with Brazil

How will the games be split up?

Before the 1994 World Cup in the United States, Jacksonville served as the host for a friendly match between the USA team and Moldova, played at Wolfson Park while the old Gator Bowl underwent extensive reconstruction. That isn't set in stone, however.

The Russian president also expressed gratitude to FIFA President Gianni Infantino for his positive attitude toward Russia and the great job he has done as the FIFA head. The combined economic impact on those 16 host cities is estimated at $5 billion US.

To prepare for the 2015 Women's World Cup, the stadium got new locker rooms, which are now used by visiting CFL teams, Jevne said. Eleven of those locations likely will be chosen, with a decision likely two years away.

Mexico will host the matches in Guadalajara, Mexico City, and Monterrey.

"This is the weakest Russian team in many decades".

When Qatar won the 2022 bid in controversial fashion in 2010, it seemed like having the World Cup return to the United States would be impossible but the 2026 bid was first rate and combining Canada and Mexico was convincing.

It's estimated to cost each city between $30 and $50 million to host 2026 games.

A total of 23 venues - three in Mexico, three in Canada, 17 in the United States - have made the final shortlist that will be considered for the tournament. None of the US, Canada or Mexico work all that often with their AFC counterparts, but the United Bid team sensed an opportunity in the region.

That, along with the promise of major revenues from North American sponsors and television networks, was appealing to Federation Internationale de Football Association, an organization that has been beset by global corruption scandals, concerns over exorbitant costs related to previous tournaments, and allegations of widespread labor and human rights abuses around the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Cordeiro, Reed and de Maria started their campaign by pitching to their fellow members of Concacaf, which, despite earlier reports that several Caribbean nations would vote for Morocco, fully backed the United Bid on Wednesday.

"No one has said to us they're not voting for us because of who we have in the White House".

FIFA's official list for the 2018 World Cup showed nine of the 32 teams chose base camps separate from any of the tournament venues, some of them in cities with fewer than 100,000 residents. Mexico played host to the 1970 and 1986 World Cup.

One has to think all three will receive an automatic pass into the tournament.

Miami and Orlando are among the 23 cities in the running to host matches, and Hard Rock Stadium - built for soccer and known as a host to sold-out worldwide matches - is expected to be selected.

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